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Craft: Memory Cards

Little ones love games and craft projects, so this is a "two for one": make a craft, have a game to play.

What you need:

Card stock or construction paper
12 Stickers, with 6 different pictures.

What you do:

1.  Cut the card stock in 2" x 2" squares. You will need 12 squares all together.
2. Let your child stick the stickers to each card.
3. Now you're ready to play a fun game of memory!

Making CardsIt was a snowy day when we made this game, and I didn't have card stock at home, so I used a file folder I had in my old teaching stuff (nothing beats using what you already have). Thankfully we have plenty of stickers (a bunch left over from teaching and some new ones too). I had enough matching My Little Pony stickers to make 6 pairs of cards.

Peanut loved getting to place each sticker carefully on the cards. Afterward, she had a nice set of 12 cards to play Memory, a good number to start with when you're only three.

This craft was submitted by OneMommy.

OneMommy's blog There's Just One Mommy provides lots of interesting articles and parenting ideas.

Thanks for sharing with us OneMommy!

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Home Numbers Games Letters Crafts Shapes Discovery Colouring
Home Numbers Games Letters Crafts Shapes Discovery Coloring
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