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Craft: Christmas Reindeer

Christmas is such an exciting time for little children. Make these cute little reindeer to decorate your home for the holiday season or use them as characters in your next story time. This craft is easy to make and fun to do!

Craft: Reindeer

Depending on the age of your child you might want to have all the parts of this craft ready so that all your child has to do is assemble each reindeer.

What you need:

Toilet paper or paper towel tubes
Brown and black construction paper
Googly eyes, 2 for each reindeer
Craft foam in red and black for the noses.

What you do:

1. Decide how many reindeer you will make and cut the paper towel or toilet paper tubes to various heights.
2. Measure the height of your tubes and cut appropriate lengths of construction paper.
3. Glue one end of the construction paper onto the tube and roll the paper over the tube and glue the loose end down.
4. Where the construction paper overlaps will be the back of the reindeer. At the front of the reindeer glue two eyes. You may need to lay the reindeer on its side until the glue dries and the eyes are firmly affixed.
5. Fold a piece of black construction paper in half and cut out sets of antlers, one set for each reindeer you are making. Glue the antlers on the reindeer on either side of the eyes.
6. Cut circles from the craft foam to make noses for the reindeer. We made one red nose for Rudolph. Glue the nose in place. Allow the reindeer to dry.

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Home Numbers Games Letters Crafts Shapes Discovery Colouring
Home Numbers Games Letters Crafts Shapes Discovery Coloring
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