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Fun and Free Discovery Ideas for Preschoolers

Discovery!Childhood is discovery. Young children learn so much just by discovering the things around them. Allowing your children to play and touch and experience is so important. As they do these things they are learning how things work, and how their own bodies work. It is important that we allow our children the freedom of discovery. Enhancing this time with fun and stimulating activities will help your child to thrive.

Check here often for updated themes to help you help you little one discover the world around them.

HopscotchHopscotch: Hopscotch is a fun summer activity. If you've got sidewalk chalk, you can play hopscotch. We've come up with some neat ideas to make this not only a fun summertime activity but also a time to reinforce number and counting skills.

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Family Cutouts Families: Our families are so precious and worth celebrating. Introduce your young child to the concept of family early. Talk with your child about valueing relationships. Give concrete examples and notice when your child is valueing their family members. It may be something as simple as sharing a toy
with a sibling or offering you piece of their favorite snack. Make sure you praise them when they exhibit the values you've discussed with them. We've written up this fun craft idea to help you talk about family with your little one(s). Be sure to use the enhanced learning ideas!

Mazes: Print these mazes. Pick a maze appropriate for your child's problem solving level.

Extending this activity:To extend this activity why not construct a maze from pillows, toys and small pieces of furniture for your little one to navigate. Make sure to applaud all his efforts! Why not let them make a maze for you to solve!

Baby Maze Balloon Maze Bird Maze Mouse Maze Pear Maze Sports Maze Star Maze Chick Maze
Baby Maze Balloon Maze Bird Maze Mouse Maze Pear Maze Sports Maze Star Maze Chick Maze

Discovering the World: Print these fun scenes of common sights. Talk about them with your child and name the different buildings, vehicles and objects in the scene. Talk about what the people are doing in the scene and ask lots of questions. Then when you're out and about, point out the objects you've been talking about.

Busy Construction Site

Discovering Animals: Play this listening game and discover animal sounds. Some will be familiar and others not. As you play this fun game ask your child a variety of questions about the animals they are listening to.

Online Game: Guess Who's Talking


Home Numbers Games Letters Crafts Shapes Discovery Colouring
Home Numbers Games Letters Crafts Shapes Discovery Coloring
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